City Tots first meeting at Mediclinic City Hospital

On Tuesday we attended the first session of City Tots at City Hospital.

It was so nice catching up with the nurses from the NICU unit and also for them to see the Mighty Babies who they looked after and cared for. The last time they had seen the babies was during our discharge from the unit, now it was chasing them as they crawled around the seminar room into chairs and tables!

The core of the City Tots group is to support the parents with babies currently in the NICU unit at the hospital. Meeting the parents who came to the session was a wonderful and also emotional experience for us. Being able to empathise with them and answer their questions are some are the reasons to why Small and Mighty became my calling. I hope the time we spent with these parents has given them some comfort, reassurance and strength to continue their journey.

For those parents we met, please get in touch with if you need anything and we can't wait to hear about your mighty's progress. JPH-H