MOM wins James Dyson Award...

Inflatable Incubator designed to save babies in developing countries

The World Health Organization estimates that 75% of deaths among premature babies could be avoided if life-saving technology was more easily available across the world. Being from the UK and having George born prematurely in Dubai, I have seen the amount of equipment needed to run a successful neonatal care unit, something which most of us would just take for granted. However, hospitals in many countries simply cannot afford the life-saving equipment needed and thousands upon thousands of babies could be dying because of this shortage. 

The 2014 winner of the James Dyson Award, a programme designed to encourage young people to come up with world changing inventions and ideas, is setting out to reduce this number of unnecessary premature deaths with their inflatable incubator design. 

The incubator is low cost to produce, light to carry and easy to pack and use, and even runs on battery life in case the hospital has power shortages. Providing the same critical care as the usual $45,000 incubation system, the MOM costs only $400 to manufacture and get started. This is fantastic news for the health care systems in developing countries and mothers around the world. It is also great to hear that everyday more and more importance is being put on neonatal care.

Mighty Babies can’t speak for themselves so we need to make sure we are their voice and continue promoting the need for more neonatal technologies across the world! HW

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