Did I really just say that...


Nicki Anderson at Journey to Wholeness uses Jungian psychology and a cutting edge communication and coaching tool to support parents to reconnect to their child during challenging times and find powerful solutions that empower their child and themselves. I met Nicki for coffee to talk about her work but also understand how I struggle in my own role as a mother. Finding the balance between discipline and well, letting George get away with anything is something I find truly difficult but you know what, I make excuses, I know I do.

For me, I saw his little life hang off the edge of a cliff and so when he does something, something really bad, bad as in "thats not my child bad" I think...well at least he is here to do that, at least he is alive, still here with me and hence, I let it go. But I know how it is making me feel, I know this sick feeling I have all the time waiting for something else to shake me and make me worry but in step Nicki... and I cant wait for her to join us on Thursday to talk about this further!

See you at Lime Tree Cafe, Al Manara on Thursday 16th March from 9am in the private room.