So...who is Rachel?

I'd heard of Rachel Waddilove before I fell pregnant. In the numerous press articles I read she was an "internationally acclaimed child care expert", "sleep saviour" and with a "celebrity client list" you could think that would be the final seal, but no, for me, she is a farmers daughter and a farmers wife. My husband is far from being a farmer but a farmers daughter I am and for me, I just knew she would talk sense.

I purchased The Baby Book - How to Enjoy Year One and started to read it throughout my pregnancy. I have to say as baby books go this was a real page turner. It took the fear away from the pregnancy and the birth and put the whole process into perspective and reminded me not to get so carried away with everything, no endless lists of baby and birth paraphernalia and no weekly mall trips to browse the same baby shops, for me, this book had it all, and it made me calm.

This calmness and knowledge was such a blessing for me. When George was born prematurely at 30 weeks, I was not ready but then why would I be! As any mother of a premature baby knows, you are never nor will be ever be ready for your baby being born early! Once George finally came home from hospital I switched him to the routine I had read about in The Baby Book. I set my alarm so that through the night I could wake up and feed George in a three hourly feeding routine and get his body clock working in a way that made sense to me and my family. I spoke with Rachel over Skype to discuss my situation and her reassurance, guidance and expertise provided me with so much comfort. She was there to advise me in such a caring way and when things didn't go to plan, which they don't with babies...she would be there, at the end of an email or Skype call. 

Rachel travels to Dubai twice a year and has sessions across Dubai where she talks about her techniques, routines and offer so much guidance and advice to her audience. When she is not here, emails and Skype calls are offered and it works brilliantly. I think one of the biggest issues with becoming a parent is there is often far too much information and not enough knowledge. With family members and friends always providing advice and opinions it can be so overwhelming but with Rachel's 40 years of experience, she was who I always turned to and let's be honest, farmers always grow the best things in life. JPH-H