Occupational Therapy.....lets meet Kamal

Towards the end of last year I was able to finally meet up with Gurkamal Punia Dasani (Kamal) a Senior Occupational Therapist and owner of TherapyBox, an online store for childrens developmental resources and equipment, for parents and teachers.  Kamal is a mum of twins with over 9 years experience working with children in Australia, China and Dubai. Kamal has specialised in paediatrics and vision therapy and is currently based at the American Wellness Center in Dubai Healthcare City. 

Her private business Therapybox is a place where people can purchase children's developmental products and equipment which is not easily available in Dubai, ask questions over the phone regarding their child's development without a consultation charge, gain access to therapy ideas to use at home, find information about events for children and parents in Dubai and read her blog about activities to do at home to boost development as well as useful resources in the community. She also provides parent and staff trainings as well as formal presentations. Any clinical assessments have to be charged and are completed at the American Wellness Center where she is licensed, in Dubai Healthcare City. Kamal wanted to provide a free resource in Dubai for parents which is run by a licensed professional. As there are a number of resources available however they are not always the best sources or providing evidence based information. This is her way of giving back a little to the special needs community as these parents face numerous challenges on a daily basis and Dubai is very expensive for what their children require. However her products can boost the development of all children, as well as children with special needs. `She also runs competitions on Instagram and Facebook. 

Kamal will join us on Tuesday 10th January at our Small and Mighty meet up, Pain Quotidien in Dubai Marina Mall from 9am.



Development Milestones...and a premature baby

When we were in NICU with George I always had a burning question....when will he come home. Its a question I was recommended not to ask or keep asking the neonatal consultants by my head, my heart..and my husband...he will come home when he is ready. We have all been there but the day does eventually come when the NICU doors open and you walk out with your Mighty Baby in your arms.

At this point I felt like I was finally a mother, it was me keeping our son alive and not a machine. Mighty George is growing up to be a wild but utterly fabulous little man. We have navigated all the fun things having a premature baby throws at you (not!) to the first teeth, weaning, toddler tantrums, "threenager" years and nursery so why do I still have this overwhelming feeling that there is something else that keeps making me cautious, another question I have to ask. I often read the multitude of premature blogs, websites and posts out there about how a mother can never quite get over her time in NICU and the long term implications it can cause to our wellbeing so maybe this is why when he struggles with a few things he "should" be doing or is "expected" to be doing at a particular point in his young life my stomach hits the floor like it did in those days in NICU. Is something not right. is something wrong. why this, why that is firing through my mind. Relief came when I was able to sit down with Kamal, Senior Occupational Therapist and owner of TherapyBox Australia to talk about development milestones, what are they and what "should" our little people really be doing and as parents, what if anything, can we do to support them. 

Come and join us on Tuesday 10th January at Pain Quotidien in Dubai Marina Mall from 9am to catch up with the Small and Mighty Mums and have an informal chat with Kamal herself. In the coming weeks I will be "test driving" some of her exercises with George and reporting back to you all.