Pop 'N' Grow... there, when you need them

Pop 'N' Grow is a UK Charity based in the Isle of Wight which provides special clothing for babies admitted into a Neonatal Unit. The clothing has been designed specifically for babies in special care units and these special baby-grows "make room" for the medical equipment caring for the babies. This charity was the brainchild of Paula Smith whose baby girl Amelia was moved into NICU following complications at birth and like all parents of NICU babies know, it is not always possible to dress your babies easily when they are still on life support, if at all impossible.

The clothing is unique and ordered in the UK but having spoken with Pop 'N' Grow they would be happy to ship to the UAE if a donation was made to the charity considering the shipping costs she must cover. Paula's efforts have given parents an option to be able to dress their baby, the most natural instinct for a mother, to cloth and protect.

On a final note, as a searched through the website of Pop 'N' Grow I found something that totally shocked me and as I read the page, I just began to cry. The patron of the charity is Joel Pott, guitarist and vocalist of the band Athlete. Joel wrote a song called 'Wires', a song I know but a song I hadn't ever realised had a deeper meaning. When his daughter was born prematurely, Joel wrote this song. If you are not familiar with this song, I suggest you search for it and Joel, thank you for such making such an incredible song,  I know it will mean so much to so many people. JPH-H